​Village board of trustees

Mayor colin mcintyre

​The Village Board of Trustees consists of 6 Trustees each elected to 4-year overlapping terms. The Trustees along with the Mayor serve as the policy making body of the Village​. The function of the Village Board are: 

​        Passing ordinances and resolutions

        Approval of money expenditures

​        Final zoning approval and land use regulations

​        Serve as chairpersons of Village committees


Trustee Colin McIntyre                     cmcintyre@lakemoor.net

Trustee Ralph Brindise                     rbrindise@lakemoor.net               

Trustee Phil Vavalle                          pvavalle@lakemoor.net

Trustee Donald Leavitt                     dleavitt@lakemoor.net 

Trustee Jeff Nykasa                          jnykaza@lakemoor.net

Trustee Scott Cox                             scox@lakemoor.net


The Village President, commonly referred to as Mayor, officiates over the Village Board of Trustee meetings and is responsible for the

execution of the Village policies with the approval of the Village Board including:

  • ​       Assuring that all Village services are delivered to the citizens of Lakemoor in an effective, efficient, and  equitable manner and in                              compliance with Village policy​
  • ​       Overseeing long-range planning and improvement of departmental management and service delivery
  •        Serving as a catalyst for the development of community-wide goals and works with the Village Trustees to mobilize the resources to attain              them
  •        Serves as the Village Liquor Commissioner
  • ​       Serves as the official municipal outreach to other villages and government entities

Mayor Colin McIntyre