Mayor Colin McIntyre

The Department of Public Works provides essential services that are an integral part of our citizens’ everyday lives. The delivery of our services is key in maintaining and improving the quality of life for our residents and businesses. We pride ourselves with providing the best quality of work and service to our residents, businesses and visitors.  

Public Works is responsible for the maintenance of:

The Department of Public Works also functions as “First Responders” working hand in hand with Fire and Police personnel during emergency operations. The Department is tasked with critical assignments to restore community services in a timely manner. 

The Department is committed to ensuring the Village’s infrastructure and fleet are properly maintained and enhanced. Working together, we will provide exceptional services to our residential and business community.

Streets throughout the Village

Parkway trees and landscape beds

Village Parks Maintenance

Drinking water

Storm water collection systems

Snow and ice control

Street sweeping

Water main repairs

Hydrant flushing and repairs

Street lights throughout the Village

public works Department Overview

public works department 

Terry Counley - Director