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The Utility Billing Department performs a variety of general and complex clerical duties in support of utility services which include: meter reads, utility bills and balancing all water billing accounts with payments. 

To start or discontinue service and for any questions regarding water billing, please contact the Village of Lakemoor at 815-385-1117.

Utility Billing FAQS: 

Billing Cycle: 
Each customer is billed monthly. Payments must be received by the 25th of every month, regardless of whether that date falls on a weekend or holiday. Payments will be applied the date they are received, however, if dropped in our drop box in front of Village Hall or received by mail and the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, payments in the drop box by 8:00 A.M on the next business day, will NOT be considered late.  A $17.50/late charge will be assessed for any payments received after the due date or next business day of entry, whichever occurs first.  

New Accounts/Rental Properties: 

To begin a new water service account, please contact the Village of Lakemoor prior to your closing date or move in/out date. This will allow time to set up a meter read and process all paperwork correctly. 

High Usage: 

Most instances of higher than normal water usage are caused by leaks in a toilet's flush tank. These leaks are often difficult to detect and may go unnoticed. Leaks are also commonly found in sinks, bathtubs, furnace humidifiers, hot water tanks, water softeners and homes with hot water heating systems. 

It is suggested that you check your flush tanks and other points of use periodically. You are responsible for water usage, regardless of the nature of that usage. Additionally, no discount is given for filling swimming pools or spas. 

Senior/Active Military/Veteran Discount:

Senior Citizens (age 65 and over), Active Military and Veterans, who are head of household, are eligible for a 10% discount on their water service provided (Rental income properties, as well as, commercial properties are excluded from this program). Please visit the Village Hall with proof of age or ID to fill out a form. 

Understanding your Residential Bill for 2019 (as of April Billing Statement for March Usage)

  • Service Charge- $10.30
  • Water Charge - $4.93 (minimum 2000 gallons)
  • Minimum Bill Charge- $20.16

Payment Options: 

For your convenience, the Village of Lakemoor accepts payments in several ways:

  • Online through the government EPAY site, which accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express             (note: The Village of Lakemoor does not collect the service fee associated with payments online)
  • By Mail (postal delays will not be considered if your bill is received after the due date)
  • Calling to pay by Visa or Mastercard
  • In-person at Village Hall (We accept Cash, Check, Visa or Mastercard)
  • Dropped in our drop box located in front of the Village Hall

Utility Billing

28581 Illinois Route 120

Lakemoor, IL 60051

P : (815) 385-1117

F: (815) 385-8206


8:00 am - 4:30 pm