Mayor Colin McIntyre


District Headquaters

3610 West Elm Street

McHenry, Illinois 60050

Phone: (815) 385-0075

Website:Click Here

Emergency: 911

District Headquaters

109 West Liberty Street

Wauconda, Illinois 60050

Phone: (847) 526-2821

Website: Click Here

Emergency: 911

The Village of Lakemoor is protected by three fire protection districts; McHenry Township Fire Protection District , Fox Lake Fire Protection District and the Wauconda Fire Protection District.  

The purpose of each of the fire departments is to respond, attack, confine and extinguish fires when they occur with a minimal loss of life and property. Fire Department personnel are also trained to respond and control hazardous material situations, provide underground and underwater rescue, and to provide emergency medical services in order to stabilize the condition of the sick and injured.

Each district is its own taxing body, and has its own Board of Directors. Please contact either of the districts for additional information.

We operate out of four stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are a combination of paid and volunteer status. Founded in 1908, the Fox Lake Fire Fire Protection District is very dynamic. The Fox Lake Fire Protection District proudly serves all or part of the following communities in Northeastern Illinois: The Village of Fox Lake, The Village of Round Lake, McHenry, Ingleside, Lakemoor, Spring Grove, Volo and Grant, Burton and Antioch Townships.

Since its formation in 1889, the Wauconda Fire District has worked diligently to meet the changing needs of the communities it serves. One element that has not changed is its commitment to protecting life and property. Many residents believe the level of service and the character of the personnel are the finest anywhere.

Dedicated, highly trained people and programs designed for education and prevention, are components which distinguish the Wauconda Fire District as more than just a community service agency. Twenty four hour coverage at three fire stations provide emergency response to over 3,600 calls for help each year.

District Headquaters

306 Washington Street

Ingleside, Illinois 60041

Phone: (847) 587-3312

Website:Click Here

Emergency: 911

Formed in 1939, the McHenry Township Fire Protection District is dedicated to providing the highest level of fire and rescue services to the communities it serves, through commitment preparedness, continuing education and training of it's members, who work to assure the safety of the District's citizens on a daily basis.