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Weather Radios and cell phone apps-  Be Prepared For Bad Weather

One of the most important things that you can have as part of your emergency safety kit is a weather radio. The National Weather Service provides the forecasts and severe weather alerts that you hear on it. With an all hazards weather radio, you not only get the latest severe weather information, but it lets you know about environmental and public safety emergencies like amber alerts and chemical spills. A great reason to have one of these radios is the battery backup. That means if severe weather strikes and the power goes out, it may be the only way for you to find out the latest weather information. Another great thing about this particular radio is that you can program it for just the county you live in or the county you live in plus all of the surrounding counties. Please Click Here for more information and details.

Importance of Obtaining a Building Permit  

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Access Village Ordinances and commonly used forms and applications. 

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The Village Clerk is the hub for numerous and varied administrative services which are provided to the residents of the Village of Lakemoor

The E- Service Request system allows residents, visitors and businesses to request information, submit requests for service, or submit comments. 

The Village of Lakemoor Elected Officials and Employee Directory.  

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Occasionally residents and business owners initiate changes or construction without first obtaining permits. Many of the changes you may be considering will require an application, review of the planned action, and issuance of a building permit or approval. Failure to obtain proper permits or approvals will result in delays, stop work orders, fines and added costs. You must demonstrate that the action will comply with applicable zoning ordinances. Click Here for more info.

We invite you to discover Lakemoor’s commitment to progress.  When it comes to opportunities for success, exciting growth potential and quality of life, there’s no place like Lakemoor.  The Village’s strategy is to create a diversified, expanding and dynamic economy through the development of new businesses and the enhancement of existing businesses. Read More......

Village President Ryan "Todd" Weihofen

New Residential Development: Savannah of Lakemoor 

Based in Schaumburg, Illinois, William Ryan Homes is one of the few remaining residential home builders in Illinois. The Village is excited by WRH’s willingness to invest in the community and to re-start the Savannah of Lakemoor development, which was abandoned in 2008 due to the downturn in the economy. Located east of Darrell Road on the north side of Route 120 (behind the Krueger Farm stand) the Savannah of Lakemoor consists of 67 single family homes that have an average sale price of $250,000. Construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2015.  

The Village’s Department of Community and Economic Development Department oversees and implements beautification efforts to align with the Village’s overall objectives for high quality architecture and aesthetics throughout the Village. As a first step in achieving this goal, the Village is in the process of installing new community gateway signs along Routes 12 and 120.  These signs will include the new Village logo and motto and will include decorative stone columns.  Additional phases are expected for other roadway corridors leading into town.  

Corridor Beautification-New Gateway Signage

We would like to welcome you to the new Village of Lakemoor website. Due to technical difficulties with our old website, staff has begun the process of build a new website. It is our goal to enhance the functionality of this website to improve the experience our residents, visitors and businesses to ultimately provide better service for everyone visiting our site. We apologize for any inconvenience but our site will be fully functional in the next few weeks. 

Niche has named Lakemoor #7 in the best suburbs in Illinois to buy a house for the Village's median home value, schools and crime and safety. Read more Click Here  

Lakemoor Ranked #7 in best Suburbs to buy a house in illinois