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Anchored by the new Village Hall, the Midtown Development Corridor offers a variety of priority development sites that are improved with public water and sewer, have frontage along Route 120 (22,000 ADT’s) and range from 1 to 40 acres. More Info


Located in one of Illinois most competitive and growing Chicago Metropolitan markets, the Village of Lakemoor is ready to do business with you.

This pro-business community is a new “hotspot” for development with high traffic regional transportation corridors, multiple sites for both large and small scale developments, new residential rooftops, and a market gap/leakage of over $1 billion in un-met demand potential for retail trade/food and drink establishments. 

Lakemoor also understands the challenges of development and offers strong governmental support with a team of experienced staff and professional development consultants, an expedited approval process, and generous TIF and retail sales tax incentives.    

SWC US Route 12 & 120

Woodman’s Markets is planning to construct a 240,000 square foot grocery store with a freestanding gas station and convenience mart on a 74-acre site with additional out lots and junior box development at the southwest corner of Routes 12 and 120. There are great retail development opportunities on this site. Click Here for more details.  

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The Village’s regional commercial corridor is located at the intersection of US Route 12 and Illinois Route 120, which have a combined total of 55,000 ADT’s.  With a proposed Woodman’s Market as the primary anchor, the Village’s Regional Development Corridor offers a variety of priority development sites and economic incentives for big and junior box retailers, restaurant, entertainment venues, and hotels. More Info


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The Lakemoor Downtown area is a new and distinct mixed use development opportunity at the geographic center of town. Situated along Route 120 (22,000 ADT's) and located across from Lily Lake, the Lakemoor downtown promotes a mix of retail, commercial, office, institutional, recreation, and residential uses that are arranged in a compact, moderate to high density, and pedestrian friendly development pattern.More Info